All Better, Thanks!

Chas had the flu, but he's feeling better. Today he's going to eat, and nap. He looks thin. I've been cooling his fevered brow with lavender-scented washcloths and all that nursey stuff. He's well enough to read over my shoulder and give me advice.

My computer was broken, but now it's better too. I have to reinstall stuff, but I'll probably do it in January the way things are going! The to-do list is LONG! And staying home all week has not helped!

We're in total permanent party mode here, from tomorrow till who knows when. I STILL don't have a Christmas Tree, but today I'll leave Chas all alone (he says 'nooooo!') Oh yes, my pretty, LEAVE him all alone and go get one. And some, you know, FOOD. ('Bacon! All I can think about is bacon!')

Okay! Bacon it is!

What's still on your Christmas list? Can you STOP shopping now? Do you feel you've overdone it? Are you feeling Christmassy? Have you remembered the environment, in your shopping?


Unknown said…
I have one thing left on my list - a knitted hat and mittens for Annie. And that's green, too.

My word verification is "curkhoe". What's a curk?
Anonymous said…
I've made several gifts, switched to giving to charity in a few people's names, and feel Christmassy and pretty earth-friendly at the end of it.
Anonymous said…
Darn you, and now i want some bacon.
I can stop shopping. I leave the day after tomorrow for TRINIDAD! Kelly put me under strict orders NOT to overdo it so I didn't but wanted to. We recycle Gift wrap bags- does that count?
Oodles of holiday happiness to you and the family. xoxoxoxoxo
My wv is perse which is the only thing Kamala wanted for Christmas- a nice "perse" with flowers on it to carry.
The Mother said…
We've been passing strep throat around for over a month. No longer is this fun. Just sayin'.
Nan Sheppard said…
We've been making and giving FUDGE!! Germs not included.
Anonymous said…
We started shopping for real yesterday and mostly finished today. Our only prob is finding a bike for Ilsa--she's v short for her age, so needs youth size, not a boys' bike, but not a little girls' pink and flowery one either. And we have a definite budget.
We don't go overboard. I think we do but compared to pretty much everyone else, we really don't. And I think that's good for the environment. Also, their main prezzies this year are bikes--that's good for everyone. Healthy exercise, good habits formed, etc.