Old Lady News and Joke of the Day

It is finally SUNNY! YAY!

Joke of the Day: 

Once, there was a family who decided that it was finally time to put their dear old Gran in a home. They shopped around and found somewhere that seemed very nice, and moved Gran in. The first day, all seemed well. Gran was looked after, fed delicious and nourishing meals, and put in a chair by a sunny window to have a nap.

After a while, Gran leeeaned over a little to the left. Fearing that she was falling out of her chair, an attendant went and propped her up again. A few minutes later, she leeeaned over to the right. Convinced that the dozing Gran would fall over, another attendant gently propped her up again.

Later that day, the family came to visit. "Hello Gran! How was your first day? Are you being treated well?"

"It's very nice here," said Gran. "The food is tasty, and the nurses are very kind. But," (she lowers her voice to a whisper) "They won't let you fart!"

Disclaimer: Margo is NOT going into a home in the foreseeable future, and I have NEVER known her to fart. Or even SAY fart. But oh, this joke made me laugh! (I won't be telling it to Margo!) 


The Mother said…
I gotta hand it to you--finding a funny thing to say about nursing homes.
Anonymous said…


Verification word 'orriv'
Trini for 'I is famous mon'
Unknown said…
English gentlewomen do not fart.

They Exude.
Nan Sheppard said…
Or, they 'Emit'?
Or they sally forth.
Anonymous said…
Bwa ha ha ha ha!
Anonymous said…
Okay...so I told my hubby this joke. He told 'the elder'. She told 'the younger'. And for the whole weekend they look at me. Lean slightly to the side. And smile. Over. And over. And over.