"Try Switching it Off and Switching it Back On Again", And Other Pearls of IT Wisdom

I'm working at a helpdesk these days, and loving it. It's long days, and a ton of stuff to muddle through (Temping: They throw you in at the deep end) but everyone there (and there are thousands there) is cheerful (except when they are yelling "I reported this THREE WEEKS AGO!" to the temp who started yesterday, but that's okay, they weren't to know) and friendly, and the dress is fairly casual which means COMFY SHOES!

Every morning, the boys look at me appraisingly, and say, "You're going to work like THAT?" Today I wore a skirt, kinda a bohemian look I'll admit, and Sam said, "Good grief, you look like you fell out of a tree." Even on the first day, which as every temp knows is 'Dress Smart and Suss Out the Threads' day, when I wore smart slacks and a jacket, they weren't entirely happy until I had tucked in my shirt. And then they sighed, "I don't suppose you have a belt?" I just snort at them and ignore.

Don't look outside... 
I have posts up at Work Your Way, if you want to know what else I've been up to. Having lots to do is making the time pass so quickly, that I think our holidays will come, and we will be on a plane to sunny climes, before we know it! Yes, we are having a green Christmas. Everyone at work I've told that to says "Okay, shutup." So I won't carry on about it. Muahahahaa!

However, sitting in an ergonomically designed chair, answering the phone, gazing at an AMAZING huge computer screen from 8.30 to 5.00, snacking on flapjacks and McVites Cheddars... I just realized today that I will be wearing a bikini in exactly three weeks. So I got off the bus early, and walked a while. Then I packed myself a container of crunchable veggibles, and a bag of nuts. And I will not be having the huge subsidized lunch with all the sauce and cheese and things in the canteen tomorrow. Sigh!

A word about Cheddars: About two years ago, I had my first mini Cheddar. I was in a pub, and fished one out of a bowl, and crunched. Angels sang. I held one up. "What! What? What are theeese????" I cannot believe that I never knew about Cheddars before. And now I do. My world is a yummier place. So I may allow myself occasional Cheddars at work.

I think I will have to make peace with not being skinny in my bikini. I suspect that once I'm lolling on the sand, I won't care.


Wacky Mommy said…
you always look great, tell those boys thanks for nothing, boys! ha. have fun at the job. will be living thru u vicariously as always. who thought I would miss work??? of course if i was there i would snacking, as well.
I laughed at the boys telling you how to dress because I remember doing the same thing at their age to my mother. She ignored me after saying she didn't know what she had done before I came along. But see you SOON in warm, sunny Trinidad! And Happy Thanksgiving to you who started me in this wondrous world of the blogosphere. I'm so grateful to you for that.
Anonymous said…
ooooh....have not had a mcvites cheddar but sounds divine! And I luuuuv flapjacks! I would have a hard time not snacking myself! I say, make peace with your future bikini wearing self and enjoy life!
Anonymous said…
In 1987 or there abouts my office got its first Mac. A tiny little box with a screen but a major big deal in those days. High tech had reached the islands at last!
One day her face went blank, she fell asleep and refused to wake up. I called the IT man in a state of panic:

- All she needs is a ride and some fresh air. Put her in the car and drive her down here.

- Huh? Come on stop kidding man. I am dead serious freaking out here!

- Trust me.

So gently I unplugged her and seatbelted her into my car. Feeling like an idiot I carried her into his office. He plugged her in and she immediately awoke with a little smile on her face.

aclare said…
I weighed myself the other day and realised I have 13lbs to loose for me to be back to my pre Kate weight and beable to fit into any of my gorgeous clothes! *sigh*

I long to wear my clothes again... although it will be fun discovering my wardrobe again. =)