The Excitement is Almost Too Much

It's been the sunniest day, all breezy and blue-skied and holiday-ish. So naturally, I got all excited about DOING LOTS OF LAUNDRY and stripped beds and emptied baskets with wild abandon. There was some talk of going to the beach, but the boys said "Meh, traffic and crowds, let's go during the week instead," which suited me fine. I'm working during the day but the evenings are long and lovely. So we played on the trampoline instead.

And Chas, the boy who brought us Pogo-Stick Jump-Roping, took multitasking to a new level and achieved Stiltwalking-on-the-Trampoline. I said "You are definitely going to hurt yourself." He said "And I bet when I do you will laugh at me."

"Oh yes son, I'll be laughing all the way to A&E. I hope you can explain things to them, cuz I'll never be able to keep a straight face."

  • Summer holiday A&E visits so far: 0 


aclare said…
That's something i would have done... before i found out i was not invisible! Heee hee.. Although last night i felt sure we were going to spend the night in A&E, as we lowered the matress on Kate's bed. This involved me lying under it as Dan took all the screws out!! Frotunately we are all still here to tell the tale!
Days like that are so welcome. Ya gotta love Chas! We've switched from sunny and hot to rainy and cool for a couple of days. Glad it was after K left!
Anonymous said…
I love that your boys prefer the beach during the week. They are my kind of people.
trash said…
A tally for A&E visits. Most sensible given the madskillz your boys seem to possess I shall be watching it with interest.