End of Summer Adventures

Is the Summer over where you are? Have the kids got their new pencil cases? (Not mine, they get to use last years' old pencil cases which are perfectly fine thankyouverymuch) They have got new shoes however, and other stuff which all adds up to the usual back-to-school spend fest.

Chas is getting into the serious years at school, having decided to do about twice as many subjects as I did, and not the easy ones either. I said "Are you nuts?" and he said "Hey, if I have time after school I might be able to do photography too!" So I took that as a "YES". And he said "OMG we got a square hole drill in Engineering," and I'm all "What the heck?" So I'm obviously way out of my depth. I will provide nourishing hot meals and hugs, and occasionally say "Have you done your homework?"

Check out my latest post on Work Your Way, and If anyone has a time machine or a cloning device please contact me urgently.


If anyone can do it it's Chas! And his own experience will provide the feedback. So, good plan- food, hugs and a pat on the back once in a while- should do it! Hugs to all.
Nan, check out my blog post today- you'll recognize the photo!
Nan Sheppard said…
Grandmother, lovely photo and lovely post! How cool that Chas the bush baby has found joy at school, eh?
So true. Good for him!
Anonymous said…
Yeah, the shoes more than make up for what a "save" on reusing last year's school supplies.
Here's to good years for everyone!
And super cool to have a son driven!
p.s. That photo and poem got the most comments ever on my blog- tell Max!
it is almost Spring here. Technically it IS Spring but no one told the weather...

Hot meals and hugs are about all you can do. xx
Nan Sheppard said…
Kelley, lucky you! The days are getting shorter here...