Snot Update *Includes Gratuitous Cat Pics*

Give me snacks, minions!
My die hard fans must be so thrilled I'm blogging every day. You get to hear all about my cold (green and gunky, now, like zombie brain invasion. I do feel better today, but I look and sound worse. You know how it goes) and my cat (see pic).

I seem to get every cold that's going round, these days. I think I need more exercise. I eat healthily, sleep like a log, and laugh a lot, but I don't get enough aerobic exercise. I think I need to start running again. Hooray, it's winter, just my favourite time for running. Sigh. Or maybe if I were to quit work and live a life of leisure, sleeping until lunchtime and then going out with the ladies for afternoon tea and manicures while the chef created something scrummy and tidied the kitchen? One or the other.

This morning, Maggie and I discovered that the hot water bottle from last night is still warm. So we've installed ourselves on two armchairs in my bedroom/studio, with my feet on the hot water bottle and Maggie on my feet. It's a very good arrangement.

Would YOU disturb this cat?
The only problem is that before we sat down, I got my coffee, laptop, blanket etc and I left my tissues on my bedside table. And now I can't possibly get up again without disturbing the cat.

I have lots of website housework and sensible updating and invoicing and marketing to do, and since I am off work with a cold I SHOULD be doing it. But I'm not. Ironing is a nice warm activity though, so maybe some ironing will be done. And I'll fire up the crockpot for some chilli action.

Ahh, the glamorous life.


Anonymous said…
Ugh. Poor you.
At least you have the cat.
Your second option sounds JUST like my life...she says as she types one handed as a toddler bounces up and down on her lap, the dinner needs cooking and there are piles of laundry to be done. And all i have managed to do today is try to get a website to upload and each time it says it is going to take 3 days! When I only changed some text! *sigh* it is going to be a great week!