The Goose is Getting Fat - 5 Winter Keep Fit Tips for Fudgeaholics

I'm lucky. I've always been flexible and sporty, I like outdoor activities, and I'm genetically predisposed to skinny-ness. (Also, 'good' hair and fabulous cheekbones. Obviously this means that my life is perfect and I'm always happy.) However, my work trousers and non-stretchy jeans are all now too tight to wear so Operation Get Moving has begun. (It was either that, or lay off the fudge. And that ain't happening.) The boys are thrilled and came for a jog with me last week. They sprinted off and left me in their dust, yelling encouragement over their shoulders, eventually lapping me on the jogging track.

And then I hit the promenade on the beach with a friend on Friday night. Bournemouth beach is well lit and there are lots of people walking, running and cycling in the evenings.

Winter Jogging Tips: 

  • It's Dark. Wear reflective gear. 
  • Summer 'breathable' shoes are chilly, you'll need warm running shoes or seriously fabulous socks. 
  • Be careful in icy conditions, stick to approved tracks. 
  • Cold ears! Wear a headband or fluffy hood. Similar for fingers - gloves are a must.
  • Don't dress TOO warmly. Start out a little chilly because soon you'll be sweating. 

Once I get moving, I gradually want to move more. The last few months I've been sitting at a desk, becoming more lazy and tired with each passing week. It takes a huge effort to get home from work, change into comfy clothes AND THEN LEAVE the house again, when all I want to do is plop my tired butt on the sofa and think evil thoughts about washing dishes and folding laundry. It's cold, there aren't enough hours in the day and oh look, it might rain. The trick, for me, is to absolutely, immediately, instantly as I get in the door, change and get back out again, whatever the weather. I think, "Okay, just twice round the track" but once I'm out there I stay for long enough to get my heart pumping. And once I'm going, I throw in some yoga and a few glasses of water and ta-daa! I have more energy, and my body feels better. Maybe in the spring, I will be fitting back in to my clothes. I hope so anyway, because I hate shopping!

What are your busy-life keep-fit tips? (And no, "Lay off the fudge" does not count!)


Candygirlflies said…
Oh, God... I have REALLY fallen off the fitness wagon in a big way since the snow hit... And I actually have no excuse-- I run on a treadmill in my basement. The trouble is, knitting away whilst my ever-enlarging bott is plopped on the sofa in front of the fire is a FAR more appealling than tying up my trainers and descending into the bowels of my home.

All I can say is this: if YOU are trying to get moving, I will try to get moving, too.

(Then we can both eat TWICE as much fudge.)

xoxo CGF
Swimming is also good alround excercise you can do all year round. Or a dance class. We have a Nintendo Wii with EA active that has a very good cardio excercise on it, which tells how many calories you are burning. You only actually need 30 mins of cardio vascular excercise every day!

So good luck! With this you can eat all the fudge you want!!! =)
Nan Sheppard said…
Candygirlflies, GET MOVING!! Just think of all those chockies, and all that fudge, that needs eating.

Swimming is excellent, and luckily we've got a pool round the corner too. But it's not my favourite thing. I get kinda grossed out and I swim along with my mouth tightly closed trying not to think about all the other stinky people...

Whatever exercise you choose (I chose running) set it as part of every day not a decision point each day. I eat, sleep, read and exercise. For me it's in the morning- I get up, put on my exercise clothing and move. I like to eat so I'll exercise (also to stay healthy).
Nan Sheppard said…
That's true! It's got to be a part of every day.
Anonymous said…
Way to run, girl!
I run some, do the yoga and always, always SHOVEL when the snow falls. That's the best work out. And cross-country ski. I do love that so much.
Anonymous said…
Atta girl! I run and cross country ski and SHOVEL snow in the winter!