New Year, New Randomness

Teh Internet says that this is the
Chinese character for the Year of the
Horse. I bet it says "Unclog Hair
From Fiendish Plug". So don't go
tattooing this on your butt without
double checking, k? 
It's a NEW YEAR! This new year came with an enormous new moon, did you see it? It's been pretty much pouring with rain all month in Dorset, but the sky cleared long enough for one glimpse of the new moon and it was worth it. Rumour has it, the Chinese New Year will also be marked by a new supermoon, at the end of January. All of this super-newness, along with the END of the rather tumultuous (some would say poisonous) Chinese Year of the Snake, makes me interested to see just what the Year of the Horse will bring.

I have negotiated a four-day week at my current temp job, which will give me time to catch up on freelance work, parenting and housework jobs. As soon as I did that, a horrid cold swooshed through the family and laid low the populace, so I had to take a few days off anyway to administer soup and jello and panadol.

Dear Universe, 
Thank you for arranging a few days at home for me. However, I had it in hand already. And please be advised, 'Day Off For Freelancing' is not really the same as 'Day Off Soothing Fevered Brows And Cleaning The Kitchen'. Kind Regards, etc. 

Today is sunny, as you can see. 
My Bedroom/Office/Studio is a cosy, inspiring creative space. It's great for everyone, as there is a firm "No Wrestling Allowed" rule, so if the lounge is just too uproarious with videogames and high-octane action, a boy can creep in here with his book or homework and chillax. The same goes for tea-sipping friends, who retreat here for a civilized chat. The comfy chairs are propped up with paint cans, and if you try to move them, all the legs fall off, so be warned.

It is easier to be creative from a beautiful, organized, happy space.

Maggie has had a cat flap installed. It took her ages to figure it out. She would sit and peer out, retreating whenever her microchip triggered the lock with a 'clunk'. She tried to hook the flap with her claws and pull it up, and then played around it for a bit. Finally she pushed with her nose and it opened! Now, Maggie goes out and terrorizes the neighbourhood cats, retreating at speed to the safety of the indoors. When they try to follow her in, the flap is locked. They are baffled, and she is laughing.

There is nothing nicer than a cosy, secure home to retreat to. So many people haven't got that, between storms and the flooding and the polar vortex and politics and abuse and issues all over the world... Some people have lost their possessions and had to leave, some have never known a secure and cosy home. May the Year of the Horse bring security and stability to as many of those people as possible.

And to you my readers, blessings for this new year!


gillgodd said…
Lovely Room! Happy New Year.
vicki said…
WOW! That's some great light coming in there! Paint! Paint! Paint!
wildgirl said…
This is as good as it gets. A secure cave from which to adventure out; enough happening out there to make interesting outings; and the state of contentment to be able to choose out or in. Happy Horse Year! It's supposed to be a good one!
Nan Sheppard said…
Yes, this will be a good year. We're bringing the lessons we learned last year, after all! :)
Anonymous said…
What a GREAT room! Sounds like my library--I have a no roughhousing rule in there, too, which makes it a different kind of space and everyone likes to retreat in it in their own way.
Bummer about the germ invasion--esp. when you have a plan to attack your work!
I love your room and the rule you set for it to make it friendly to all who need such a space. Happy New Year to you and the boys!