I'm Officially 'In My Forties', and So Far So Good

I turned 41 the other day. And so far, I can report that the forties are fabulous. I scrutinized myself and found that my grey hairs and wrinkles are more plentiful, so I spritzed that lightening stuff in my winter-mousy hair, which makes blonder beachy streaks when you apply blow-dryer heat and cunningly disguises the grey as 'platinum-ish'. My hair is summer-ready. At least, that's what I tell everyone. I also need to get my eyes tested, in completely un-related news.

My break from freelancing continues. Which means, no shopping sprees or Mediterranean cruises for my birthday. I have a freelancing return date though: End of April. I'm still working at the University so we won't starve. Except inasmuch as teenage boys are ALWAYS starving.

Meanwhile, I have a 30-day yoga challenge (self-inflicted) starting soon, two walls to paint (yellow, green) and much loved visitors coming for the Easter holidays. I've been running, sorting out cupboards, journalling and getting rid of clutter (And not to forget, the usual chauffeuring and cooking and laundering).

I'm spring-cleaning my soul. I'd like to jump start my creativity this spring, and spend the rest of the year painting in ALL the colours.


Spring cleaning a soul sounds like such a good idea to jump start creativity- good luck!
Anonymous said…
I like your attitude.
Start painting.
Nan Sheppard said…
Mary, I've even started Bikram Yoga classes - Epic stuff, and something I really need for revamping my lazy home practice. I found a special deal nearby for new starters, and I'm loving the physical challenge.
Unknown said…
Make sure to share your painting out here, eh? Personally? I'd like to see you do ceramics again.
Nan Sheppard said…
Lou, I have no kiln here so ceramic work is unlikely... But I'll share creative projects for sure.