it aint Delhi, but it works for me

Dudes, I am a BOSS suitcase packer.

In one suitcase, I have everything Sam and I need AND a "few small items" which various people need me to bring for them: several large books, Angostura Bitters, Trini coffee, and a Black and Decker cordless drill set in it's bag. I am not kidding.

I have a few more "small items" to take still, which is going to require a whole nother suitcase. That's fine, we have great roller cases and Sam and I can pull one each and be okay. All the heavy stuff is in the bigger one. When we come back, the suitcases can nest and we'll only be pulling one.

I am so excited to be travelling. Have I mentioned that? Before I fell in love and settled down, I was constantly flitting off hither and yon. In fact, when Sean and I were first courting, I refused to believe that this was true love. I had already saved up for a ticket to England, and my plan was to go, work there for a few months, and then head to Nepal. I had a job already lined up at a hotel in Nepal, and the world was my oyster. No man was going to keep me back! "Goodbye Sean! *GOODBYE* Meet me in Katmandu if you wanna!" I said as I cheerily waved goodbye.

I got to England, and spent six miserable weeks feeling homesick. That had never happened to me before! Me? The world traveller? The one who could get a job anywhere in five seconds flat? The one who never missed home ever? I met two friends in London who told me the same thing: "This is not like you. What is wrong? I've never SEEN you like this! Homesick for what? Right, you need to go back and deal with this hot man of yours."

"No! I am going to Nepal!"

"Uh huh."

"I just need to get a grip!"

"Uh huh."

A week later, I was on a flight back home. Sean had been miserable also, so we shacked up. The rest is history.

I have never been to Nepal, but being married to Sean is an adventure!

And anyway, I hear that Delhi Belly is just like pregnancy.... I've been there.


GirlBlue said…
De bitters I understand but Trini coffee and ah drill?

You need to take loads of pictures when you are off galavanting round the world. I need to live vicariously through you.
Anonymous said…
What??? No frozen doubles?????
Nan Sheppard said…
ABSOLUTELY NO DOUBLES! Also, no black puddin, no mangoes, no zaboca, and no frozen callalloo.
Anonymous said…
Happy trails! I also pack well, it is both a skill acquired and a talent, no?
Unknown said…
Oh, mama, I love mangoes. My friend, Richard Paul, from Trinidad, first turned me on to mango and I am HOOKED.
Nan Sheppard said…
Melissa, in my case it was an acquired skill. The first time I went to work in the states, I had a six-month ticket. I took A LOT OF STUFF! I spent months on buses and sleeping on couches, thinking "why did I bring all this stuff??" It cured me forever.

Lceel, we have dozens of mango trees. In July, we sit under them and eat mangoes till we can't take it any more. Then we cut the rest up, bag and freeze. When I was in London, pregnant with Chas, I craved a mango so much that I paid £3.15 for one at Sainsbury's!
Islandgirl said…
Can I be the other 'small' item that you take with you?? WAAAAAHHH I'm gonna miss you!! No tea!!!!!!!
Oh, how fun!
Someday I'll travel again. Right? Right?!?

Have a wonderful journey!
Candygirlflies said…
Come to Canada.

I dare you.

xoxo CGF
BlueBella said…
Wah I wish you could make it to Iowa! And bring me some of those beautiful tiles!!!!!

Have a wonderful & safe trip darling:)