Wednesday, 21 October 2009

I Think That When You're 93 It's About Time To Swallow Your Pride And WEAR. YOUR. HEARING. AID!

Old Lady With Stick: "Well, good morning!"

Old Lady With Chic Silk Scarf: "Good Morning!"

OLWS: "There's a taxi."

OLWCSS: "Oh! Are you waiting for a taxi too?"

OLWS: "Yes, isn't it?"

OLWCSS: "Well I'm sure mine will be along soon."

OLWS: "A little nippy though."

Granddaughter: "That's your taxi, Margo."

OLWCSS: "He'll only be a few minutes I'm sure"

G: "Let's go and ask him, shall we?"

OLWCSS: "Really?"

OLWS: "I can't imagine who he's waiting for."

OLWCSS: "Oh, you're waiting for someone?"

OLWS: "Well, maybe it will clear up."

G: "Oh, LOOK! There's the number you called, on the side of the taxi! This must be YOUR TAXI!"

OLWS: "Are you expecting a taxi? There's on there..."

OLWCSS: "Well, maybe we should ask him."


OLWCSS: "Because this person doesn't seem to be in a hurry."

OLWS: "Yes, I think it might."

OLWCSS: "Oh, is it? Well, we can wait..."

G (steering OLWCSS by shoulders): "Okay, then! Let's go!"

OLWCSS: "Hello"

Taxi Driver: "Mrs. E?"

OLWCSS: "Well that's all right then. To the hairdresser's in W. And we can give you a lift Nan."

G: "Well, it's out of your way, isn't it? I'll be all right walking, thanks."

OLWCSS: "So that's A. Road."


T.D: Very savvy, bundles OLWCSS into car, waves me goodbye theatrically, and starts talking loudly to OLWCSS, "HAVING A HAIRCUT TODAY ARE WE?"

Granddaughter beats hasty retreat. Laughing merrily all the way home and grateful for the wisdom of Bournemouth Taxi Drivers.


Unknown said...

When I saw the title to this post in my Reader, it only displayed the first 11 words. And I thought, "NAN!!!"

Dontcha just love it when old people who don't really hear very well get together to catch up a bit and/or reminisce?

Theresa said...

How funny :D

Anonymous said...

I love old ladies. That was hilarious.

nikki said...

haahahahaahahaahhaah (snort!)

Life As I Know It said...

That reminds me a little bit of conversations I have with my absentminded 7 year old ;)

Islandgirl said...

Give Gran a cell phone for christmas..then you'll see hilarious! hehe

Nan one day we'll be yelling at each other over a cup of tea and OUR grandkids will be in hysterics!

Nan Sheppard said...

Sharon, you'd better wear your hearing aid.... I will have plenty to say! I promise to wear mine too.

Islandgirl said...



Cheffie-Mom said...

Great post!!

Nan — thank you about the journalist remark on my blog post. That’s cool. And I agree with you about “reality TV” — most of it is staged and over the top. (My daughter appeared on MTV and was dis-enthralled.) Also, thank you very much for your input about healing and hindering. (This video clip was shot 2 years ago). Awesome perspective. Means more than you know. Would love to hear more!

Kelley @ magnetoboldtoo said...

sounds like me and MPS when he is playing with his ipod touch.

Kelley @ magnetoboldtoo said...

sounds like me and MPS when he is playing with his ipod touch.