I Think That When You're 93 It's About Time To Swallow Your Pride And WEAR. YOUR. HEARING. AID!

Old Lady With Stick: "Well, good morning!"

Old Lady With Chic Silk Scarf: "Good Morning!"

OLWS: "There's a taxi."

OLWCSS: "Oh! Are you waiting for a taxi too?"

OLWS: "Yes, isn't it?"

OLWCSS: "Well I'm sure mine will be along soon."

OLWS: "A little nippy though."

Granddaughter: "That's your taxi, Margo."

OLWCSS: "He'll only be a few minutes I'm sure"

G: "Let's go and ask him, shall we?"

OLWCSS: "Really?"

OLWS: "I can't imagine who he's waiting for."

OLWCSS: "Oh, you're waiting for someone?"

OLWS: "Well, maybe it will clear up."

G: "Oh, LOOK! There's the number you called, on the side of the taxi! This must be YOUR TAXI!"

OLWS: "Are you expecting a taxi? There's on there..."

OLWCSS: "Well, maybe we should ask him."


OLWCSS: "Because this person doesn't seem to be in a hurry."

OLWS: "Yes, I think it might."

OLWCSS: "Oh, is it? Well, we can wait..."

G (steering OLWCSS by shoulders): "Okay, then! Let's go!"

OLWCSS: "Hello"

Taxi Driver: "Mrs. E?"

OLWCSS: "Well that's all right then. To the hairdresser's in W. And we can give you a lift Nan."

G: "Well, it's out of your way, isn't it? I'll be all right walking, thanks."

OLWCSS: "So that's A. Road."


T.D: Very savvy, bundles OLWCSS into car, waves me goodbye theatrically, and starts talking loudly to OLWCSS, "HAVING A HAIRCUT TODAY ARE WE?"

Granddaughter beats hasty retreat. Laughing merrily all the way home and grateful for the wisdom of Bournemouth Taxi Drivers.


Unknown said…
When I saw the title to this post in my Reader, it only displayed the first 11 words. And I thought, "NAN!!!"

Dontcha just love it when old people who don't really hear very well get together to catch up a bit and/or reminisce?
Theresa said…
How funny :D
Anonymous said…
I love old ladies. That was hilarious.
nikki said…
haahahahaahahaahhaah (snort!)
That reminds me a little bit of conversations I have with my absentminded 7 year old ;)
Islandgirl said…
Give Gran a cell phone for christmas..then you'll see hilarious! hehe

Nan one day we'll be yelling at each other over a cup of tea and OUR grandkids will be in hysterics!
Nan Sheppard said…
Sharon, you'd better wear your hearing aid.... I will have plenty to say! I promise to wear mine too.
Islandgirl said…

Cheffie-Mom said…
Great post!!

Nan — thank you about the journalist remark on my blog post. That’s cool. And I agree with you about “reality TV” — most of it is staged and over the top. (My daughter appeared on MTV and was dis-enthralled.) Also, thank you very much for your input about healing and hindering. (This video clip was shot 2 years ago). Awesome perspective. Means more than you know. Would love to hear more!
sounds like me and MPS when he is playing with his ipod touch.
sounds like me and MPS when he is playing with his ipod touch.