Great News! "Southward Leaning Breasts" Set to be Dominate Catwalks in Stunning Spring/Summer Fashion Trends!

I'm not making this up! The UK Sunday Times' Style Magazine tells us, on page 5, that the ad for Jimmy Choo's new fragrance reflects the current mood. The model, Tamara Mellon, is 43. Her boobs are "toned but not solid, southward leaning, as opposed to horizontally rampant. So, generally right for now."

Okay, so droopy boobs may not exactly dominate catwalks this year. But we can hope that this trend will continue. At any rate, if Tamara Mellon's boobies are fashionably southwardly-leaning, that's good news for those of us who are even more hangy and therefore more beautiful. Yes?


Unknown said…
....... no comment ....... :)
Anonymous said…
Droopy and flat-chested is IN? HOORAY!!!!
Alright! I am so right there with you on this one - at last, I might say!
The wv is "egontiv"- I think it defines this trend.
ahhh.....Boobies, you've seen one pair, you wanna see em all!
Anonymous said…
bunny ears are back!

The Mother said…
Wow! I suddenly feel so fashionable!
Islandgirl said…
Seriously..her last name is "Mellon" BWAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAA!