St. Patrick's Day Parade, Morristown NJ

So I've landed right in the middle of St Patrick's Day celebrations. No, St Patrick's Day isn't till Thursday, but try telling that to the folks in New Jersey! There were guys in kilts, bands playing "Danny Boy"... (not that Irish, you say? No, wait for it...)
The De Lorean from 'Back To The Future', Scooby Doo and the Mystery Machine...

Even the dogs got all dressed up!

There was a Carnival atmosphere, with face painting, weird cars and people on balconies around the park.
Irish Artifacts were on sale everywhere! I especially like the alien... 
And some people were not impressed. Parade? What parade? Seriously, though, it was great fun. The bands were awesome, friendly people were everywhere. It was very well organized. And the Morristown Hyatt hotel is right in the action, with gallons of Guinness being guzzled downstairs as we speak. 
St. Patrick defeated the Druids in a display of faith over magic, bringing Christianity to Ireland. He is NOT the Patron Saint of Drunks, as certain people would like to believe. He 'plucked a shamrock', or clover, from the sward, and taught the assembled chieftains of Erin the story of the Holy Trinity using the three leaves, hence the shamrock. Imagine, I never knew this before (I just looked it up on Wikipedia, because when we said "Who was St Patrick, anyway?" No-one knew). I hang my O'Connor head in shame! 


Islandgirl said…
And isn't he credited with driving all of the snakes out of Ireland?? Chas wouldn't be happy there at all!

Awesome pics Nan! Your week has started off with a bang..err..bagpipe..hey isn't that Scottish? :-)
Nan Sheppard said…
I guess the snakes are meant to symbolize the Druids?
I'll drink an ale to your safe arrival, and to Saint Paddy.
May you both find room at the Bar. Always.
Islandgirl said…
Either that or they just drank WAAYYYYYYYYY too much said…
Wow! I learn something every day!
I'm glad you're having such a fabulous time! Not too much Guinness, now! ;-)
Nan Sheppard said…
Thanks guys! Sean is working today, so I'm practicing my lounging and napping skillz! Might do some yoga. Hmmm.
Unknown said…
Welcome to the U.S. of A. - where everybody and his brother becomes just a bit Irish about this time of year.
Anonymous said…
It's a little embarrassing how we Americans carry on over this holiday, that's not really a holiday. It helps us bridge the gap between Valentine's Day and Easter, I guess.
Enjoy all the festivities as well as your honey! The WV is fealize so you should!
You're in my home state! woohooo!